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Support from Workshop to Site

RAPID Industrial’s in-depth knowledge of all heavy industries, and their needs for quality compliant fastening solutions, means that there is a very short turnaround time between consultation and delivery. From the get-go, we understand that your time on site is precious, and is often worth a lot of money, especially when replacement stud bolts or the like are need after a shut down. And our industry knowledge means that when you commission us to fabricate or supply, we are one step ahead of the others with an eye on helping you to problem solve on the spot and submit drawings for speedy fabrication.

Whether it is a request for an approved on site testing service or an off the shelf product—modified or not—a customised solution made from scratch, RAPID Industrial cut out the to-and-fro normally experienced with companies who do not deal with on site demands and heavy industries on a daily basis. Look for a company that does understand the needs of all your fasteners.


Competitive trade pricing for all approved customers.


Speedy deliveries anywhere.


Advice on product applications and onsite support from experienced staff.

Special Products

Special items manufactured to order.