Vendor Manage Systems

Enables us to control costs, drive service, excellence, and mitigate risks to gain increased value from our vendors throughout the deal life cycle.

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Contract & Schedule Orders

Including start to finish dates, specifically defined tasks, milestones for delivery, and as detailed a description of the specific services, and manufacturing processes involved.

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Site Visits

Allow us to assess all the requirements, meet and speak in real time, covering all details for now and the future. These can be as a single introduction, or as part of an ongoing schedule.

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In House Manufacturing

All standard threaded fasteners in a wide range of steel, stainless steel, brass and exotic alloys including INCONEL, DUPLEX  and SUPER DUPLEX. Additionally, our fastener engineers are able to produce complex bespoke parts to drawing and customer specification.

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Material Certification And ISIR's

We are able to supply all certification levels including 2.2, 3.1 and 3.2. Additionally, we can offer mill certification, heat treatment and playing certificates. Using in house equipment, we can also produce ISIR’s, PMI reports and hardness tests.

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Assembly & Kiting

We are experts at efficiently and economically packing your kits, from simply 1 item or type per bag to 20!

All kits can be labeled with your company brand/logo.

We are also able to assemble both free issue components as per customer specification. This can be by simply screwing bolts/threads to nuts and as complication as pressing brackets and components together.

Some of our team members are specifically employed to assemble and/or kit, therefore get very good at it. This can be much better value to you opposed to getting reluctant staff to fill in and do the job slowly.

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